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 Coinbase Pro is considered to be the best and the most trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading. They offer users to trade in their digital assets on a highly secured exchange platform that is backed by insurance.

Unlike Coinbase, it offers a much more robust charting along with a better trading experience. Users are allowed to market orders, limit them or even stop them with extremely low commission rates for when they’ve gained a bit more practice.

It provides an added benefit for margin trading along with much fancier charting capabilities.

Let’s get in-depth with Coinbase Pro by looking at its features, comparing it to determine how is it better than Coinbase, a method to transfer Coinbase funds to Coinbase login account and then some more about it.


Three specific features differentiate a Coinbase Pro login account from all other exchanges:

API that is industry-leading

The API at Coinbase Pro allows its users to develop safe and programmable trading bots, along with allowing easy access to market data in real-time (Websocket Feed).

Protection with insurance

Any and every digital asset you store in the online storage is entirely insured, FDIC insurance is provided for all US dollar balances (up to $250000 per user).

Competitive Fees

Coinbase Pro has been offering dynamic fee structures- high trade volume at lower rates.


Well, you don’t have to sign up for a Coinbase Pro login account. Yes, you have to sign up for a Coinbase login account and use those credentials to get trading with Coinbase Pro. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the sign-up page on the Coinbase website.
  2. Feed-in the Coinbase account credentials.
  3. Complete the 2-step verification for the upgrade.

Note: The 2-step verification is mandatory for security concerns- upload and verify the proof of identity, and upload a selfie for supporting the verification.


Enlisted are the distinct points that make Coinbase login account different from Coinbase Pro login account, and might help you make an informed decision of choice.

  • Coinbase is directed towards serving beginners and allows PayPal to make a withdrawal of funds, whereas Coinbase Pro is directed at more advanced cryptocurrency traders and investors and has advanced charting features.
  • Coinbase offers a variety of fifty-one (51) different cryptocurrencies and Coinbase Pro offers fifty-two (52).
  • Payment methods limit the trading depending on the region when you’re using a Coinbase. But, for a Coinbase login account, there is no limit on trading for any reason.
  • On Coinbase you can buy, sell, exchange, send, and receive cryptocurrencies, whereas on Coinbase Pro you can buy, sell, trade, stop placed orders, limit your orders, force-time in for market orders, deposit, and withdraw your crypto funds.



Even though these two exchange platforms are linked, they offer separate wallets for your crypto fund. Thus, you can transfer your funds from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro instantly and without any added charges. Here are the steps to move your funds at the time of getting to Coinbase Pro login account:

  1. Get into the official Coinbase Pro site online.
  2. Locate “Wallet Balance” and go for “Deposit”.
  3. Hit on the cryptocurrency type to transfer.
  4. Settle on the account you want to import from.
  5. Feed-in the numbers (amount) you want to deposit.
  6. Hit on “Deposit” that shows at the bottom.

Note: Amount will only be deposited if there is sufficient availability.


The Coinbase Pro App makes all its services much faster and extremely feasible by coming to your fingertips by accompanying you wherever you go. This app makes advanced traders use information and tools for operations on the go.

Here are the things you get with the application software:

  • Limit and market facilities on orders
  • Crypto deposits and withdrawals along with native currencies
  • Overview of all your market orders and portfolios
  • Order books, candles, and depth charts- all in real-time

Trading on the app takes only a few seconds. Depending on the order type and volume of the trade, fee structures vary between 0 to 0.5%. It offers trading in the native currencies from the US, European Union, and the United Kingdom, along with crypto-to-crypto trading pairs in more the 100 countries all over the world.

There might be a few features that you cannot get access to on the app that you get to experience on the website. Asset availability and fees on trading are likely to change depending on various factors. Customer’s eligibility and payment methods are held responsible for determining limits on Coinbase login accounts.

Coinbase Pro App may not have all the features similar to the website but is as effective as it can be.


Unlike Coinbase, a Coinbase login account is designed and crafted for more advanced traders/investors for enhancing the crypto-economy all over the world. It is the most trusted exchange platform that offers 52 different cryptocurrencies to trade in and is backed by insurance protection.

Mentioned here are the key features of Coinbase Pro, steps to sign up, distinction points from Coinbase, and some details on the Coinbase Pro App.


Coinbase Login – Coinbase Pro Login


For US customers, login permits you to include as well as charge a Visa or MasterCard credit rating or debit card straight when buying digital currency. BTC bought by means of these choices will certainly be credited to your account immediately.


Coinbase Login - IOS

  1. To acquire electronic money:

  2. As soon as logged in to the Coinbase app, pick the Menu icon near the top-left.

  3. Select 'Buy'.

  4. Enter the amount of digital currency you want to purchase.

  5. Select your card as the 'Payment' method.

  6. Validate the info gone into is proper and also choose 'Buy Digital Currency'.


Coinbase Login - Android

  • To get electronic currency:

  • As soon as visited to the Coinbase app, choose the Menu symbol near the top-left.

  • Select 'Buy'.

  • Get in the amount of digital money you would like to acquire.

  • Select your card as the 'Payment' method.

  • Validate the info gotten in is proper and also choose 'Buy Digital Currency'.


Coinbase Login - Coinbase pro

  • Check out the settlement techniques page.

  • Select 'Add Payment Method' near the top of the page.

  • Choose 'Credit/Debit Card' on the settlement method selector.

  • If you have actually not currently done so, you will certainly be required to finish an image ID verification.

  • When ID confirmation is total, you will certainly be brought back to the card verification display. Enter your card info (The address have to match the billing address for the card).

  • If needed, include an invoicing address for the card

  • Approve the timely explaining the 2 pending charges we'll make to your card.

  • Login to your cardholder's account as well as check for both little fees made.

  • Enter those amounts into the coinbase app.

  • You need to currently see a window that says "Credit/Debit Card Added' as well as a 'Buy Digital Currency' switch.

  • You could currently acquire electronic currency making use of the 'Buy/Sell' web page anytime.

  • To buy electronic currency:

  • Most likely to the 'Buy/Sell Digital Currency' page

  • Go into the wanted amount

  • Select the card on the settlement methods drop down food selection

  • Validate the order is right and also click "Complete Buy"

  • Your digital money will be supplied to your picked wallet within a few minutes!


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